RTI Surgical Difference

At RTI, we are dedicated to compassionate care for donor families, patient safety, positive surgical outcomes, and involvement in and support of the donation community.

Compassionate Care for Donor Families

In addition to offering families the option of tissue donation, RTI serves as a responsible steward of the gift of tissue donation, maximizing each gift of donation. By investing in extensive research and development initiatives and advanced engineering expertise, RTI is able to truly honor each donation by helping as many patients as possible have an improved quality of life.

Precision Assembled Technology

RTI’s precision assembled technology maximizes each gift of donation by assembling small pieces of bone and soft tissue from a single donor into much needed allograft implants. This technology not only helps more recipients with each donation, it allows bone and soft tissue to be offered in specific, consistent sizes – without being restricted by the anatomical structure of donor tissue.

Science-Based Donor Criteria

RTI is dedicated to providing the option for families to donate tissues that will result in transplant opportunities that help the greatest number of recipients. Tissue banks share strict donor medical, behavioral and physical criteria provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). Furthermore, tissue banks may implement additional criteria based on their individual implant portfolio, processing methods and/or tissue availability. Each individual tissue donor is evaluated for multiple factors that determine the type of implant that can be processed from the tissue based upon the defined implant specification. Donor and/or tissue requirements are established through scientific methods such as biological properties, biomechanical testing and clinical evaluations and not based solely on donor age or other arbitrary criteria.