RTI Donor Services Difference

Working Together: Donation to Transplantation. Two Philosophies Serving One Mission.

RTI Donor Services provides donation opportunities to donor families in your community. Through our affiliation with RTI Surgical, we commit to transforming donated tissues into safe and innovative biologic solutions for patients in need. The confidence you can have in how your tissues are handled and subsequently utilized to mitigate pain and provide increased quality of life for so many can be assured by knowing that these two organizations work in synergy to maximize each gift.

Our Credentials

The organization that you select to work with for donation and/or distribution programs should have credentials that demonstrate their commitment to patient safety. RTI Donor Services and RTI Surgical are committed to providing this evidence through a robust credentialing process and providing those certifications to your facility for review.

Redundant Safeguards – The RTI Difference

The safety of any tissue is contingent upon three stages – donor screening, laboratory testing and tissue preparation validated to address potential disease transmission.

For surgeries involving tissue implants, RTI Surgical has developed methodologies to address the risk of infection that could be caused by the implants themselves. Where possible, we use validated, proprietary sterilization processes – such as BioCleanse ®, Tutoplast ® and Cancelle™ SP – to provide safe tissue implants that have enhanced the lives of patients around the world.

Each individual tissue donor is evaluated for multiple factors that determine the type of implant that can be processed from the tissue based upon the defined implant specification. Donor and/or tissue requirements are established through scientific methods such as biological properties, biomechanical testing and clinical evaluations and not based solely on donor age or other arbitrary criteria.

RTI has provided more than five million implants with zero incidence of implant-associated infection. At RTI, that’s our track record, and we’re proud of it.

For more information on RTI Surgical, please visit www.rtisurgical.com.