Reflections of Life

The RTI Donor Services Reflections of Life program offers an array of information and keepsake items to help in the healing process for tissue donor families.

Resources are provided at no charge.

Available resources:

  • Something More book for families who have given the gift of life on behalf of a loved one
  • Information detailing how to get involved in a special donor family quilt program
  • Donor family pin
  • Donor family medal to place at the grave site or at home
  • Certificate recognizing the gift of donation
  • How to Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies offers support and comfort during mourning
  • Fire in My Heart, Ice in My Veins: An interactive journal for teenagers experiencing loss
  • Precious Gifts coloring book, explaining organ and tissue donation to children
  • A list of additional resources for donor families
  • General information on how donated human tissue helps others
  • Information on how your loved one’s tissue helped others, provided all donor acceptance criteria have been met. This information will be available one year after the donation.


Something MoreHow To Go On Living When Someone You Love DiesFire In My HeartPrecious Gifts

Donor Families and Recipients

  1. Alfred Molina

    Alfred Molina

  2. Corey Martinez

    Corey Martinez

  3. Stephen Rutherford

    Stephen Rutherford

  4. Christina Pasewald

    Christina Pasewald