Tree of Honor / Donor Memorial Pond

  • Tree of Honor

    Tree of Honor

    This special wall mural depicts a Tree of Honor, recognizing the generous faces of tissue donation. It is housed at the RTI Donor Services location in Middleton, Wis. Hundreds of framed donor photos are positioned in the Tree of Honor’s “branches.” This serves as an on-going memorial to those who donated bone, skin, heart valves, veins and connective tissues to save and enhance the lives of others.

  • Donor Memorial Pond

    Donor Memorial Pond

    The Reflections of Life Donor Memorial Pond is located at the headquarters of RTI Donor Services and RTI Biologics, Inc. in Alachua, Florida. The beautiful pond serves as a tribute to the many donors and their families that make the Gift of Life through tissue donation possible. The pond also serves as a very tangible reminder to our employees and visitors that the work we do is thanks to many generous families.