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RTI Donor Services and the UMTB Donor Services Foundation Expand Partnership

RTI Donor Services and the UMTB Donor Services Foundation Expand Partnership to Increase Capacity for Donated Tissue in Service to Patients, Donor Families and Leading Hospital Partners

ALACHUA, Fla. – July 18, 2018 – RTI Donor Services, Inc. (RTIDS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing responsible stewardship of the gift of tissue donation, announced a new partnership with the UMTB Donor Services Foundation (UMTBDSF), a not-for-profit tissue recovery program based in Miami. The partnership aims to treat more patients by providing increased support for families seeking to donate the Gift of Life through tissue donation as well as an expanded level of service for hospital and medical examiner partners in Florida.

As part of this collaboration, RTIDS has leased UMTBDSF’s tissue recovery facility in the Jacksonville, Florida area, expanding capacity for accepting donated tissue. This improves the ability of RTIDS to support more donor families, minimize interruption to hospitals with busy operating room schedules, expand support for medical examiner offices in surrounding areas and, ultimately, grow its opportunity to impact more patients who benefit from a tissue-based implant.

Further, UMTBDSF will increase support for donated dermal tissue to meet the growing needs of RTI Surgical, Inc. (RTI). RTIDS is affiliated with RTI, a global surgical implant company, and tissue-based implants are a core competency that is central to RTI’s growth strategy as a company. RTI has a proud history of tissue innovation and safety, and recently announced a significant global milestone of providing more than 8 million biologic implants processed through RTI’s proprietary sterilization processes with zero confirmed incidence of implant-associated infection. RTI is committed to enhancing its efforts in tissue procurement, including augmenting strategic partnerships, providing support for donor families and driving new innovations to help treat more patients. RTI’s tissue-based implants are used in surgical procedures such as anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, meniscus transplantation, fracture repair, rotator cuff repair, wound coverings, post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and abdominal wall repair for hernias.

“RTI Donor Services continues to expand its partnerships with organizations that help elevate our level of service to both donor families and patients, and unify the donation process for our partner hospitals, medical examiners and donor families,” said Olivier Visa, President, RTIDS. “Expanding our efforts with UMTBDSF helps improve our ability to provide high-quality allograft tissue to patients in Florida and worldwide.”

“The UMTB Donor Services Foundation is very excited to form this new partnership with RTIDS and bring an increased level of service to our hospitals, medical examiners and ultimately, donor families,” said Lou Barnes, President and COO, UMTBDSF.

About RTI Donor Services

RTI Donor Services, Inc. (RTI Donor Services) is a nonprofit tissue recovery agency dedicated to serving donor families and working in collaboration with the donation community and healthcare facilities in perpetuating the gift of tissue donation. RTI Donor Services is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks and affiliated with RTI Surgical, Inc. (RTI Surgical), a global surgical implant company providing surgeons with safe biologic, metal and synthetic implants. Both RTI Donor Services and RTI Surgical are focused on improving the lives of others by maximizing the gift of tissue donation, providing safe tissue implants for recipients and providing education and support programs to donor families and the donation community.

About the UMTB Donor Services Foundation

UMTB Donor Services Foundation (UMTBDSF), with its main offices located in Miami, has regional offices throughout Florida serving hospitals and medical examiners. To date, UMTBDSF has supplied more than 2,000,000+ transplants to surgeons around the world. With ongoing research and innovation, UMTBDSF has become the leading national resource for bone, tissue and other forms of bodily donation.

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Voices of Donation

“Even though he is gone, his spirit will truly live on, and that in itself is so very special.”

– Glenda Bunk, donor wife
David Bunk

“We saw donation as a way for him to live on, and we wanted to give someone else a second chance. It hurts that he went to Heaven but it feels good to know that he can help more than 50 people through his gift.”

– Theresa Lozada, donor wife
Victor Lozada

“Deanna’s gift of tissue donation has brought me comfort and healing,” Catherine said. “I never expected that by saying ‘yes’ to tissue donation it would take this atrocious tragedy and give a ray of hope for others.” 

– Catherine Casey, donor mother
Deanna Casey

“I am very happy my husband decided to donate, because it feels good to know that some of him is still here.”

– Katrina Lewis, donor wife
Kenneth Lewis

Andrea said they have two young kids who miss him and can see him in the stars. She hopes to inspire them when they get older to become donors like Rock.

– Andrea Joseph, donor wife
Walter Joseph, Jr.