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It’s about Life.


Through compassionate support, outreach and education to families and communities, our mission is to provide donated human tissue for the benefit of others.

RTI Donor Services is a not-for-profit tissue recovery network dedicated to serving donor families and the donation community in perpetuating the circle of life.

Donor Families and Recipients

  1. Megan Silcox

    Megan Silcox

  2. Terry Snowden

    Terry Snowden

  3. Mattie Owens

    Mattie Owens

  4. Wayne Godsmark

    Wayne Godsmark

Voices of Donation

Following Melissa’s death, donation was not a difficult decision for her mother. “I knew that that’s what Melissa had wanted.”

– Melissa Hanson
Melissa Hanson

“The love and laughter he brought to us will be missed, and his compassion and generosity will live on through his gift of donation.”

– Gannon Grimmett
Gannon Grimmett

“I’m really, really thankful that someone donated so that I could receive an allograft.”

– Diane Hickey
Diane Hickey

“He had very big brown eyes, eyes that you didn’t want to take your own eyes off of.”

– Elias Kluth
Elias Kluth

“Because he was a donor, I have a sense that he’s still alive in some part and doing something useful. I know that he would have been happy with our decision.”

– Ralph Popp
Ralph Popp